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The Futuristic Car by Audi for Ender’s Game

August 30th, 2013 Uncategorized

Until now you might have seen hundreds of sci-fiction movies wherein the cars are the ultimate gadget to look. The recent eye-candy is the sleek car designed by Audi for the “Ender’s Game” movie. This super futuristic car that briefly appears in the trailer comes as a compliment from Audi, calling it the “Fleet Shuttle Quattro”.

Audi professionals specifically designed this purely virtual car to suit the look of the movie. It is for the first time that a German company has done it. The car portrays the vehicle as the vision of the future world.

The Audi design team said that designing a customized car suiting as per the requisites of the movie was indeed a task. The design team adapted the requirements of the “Ender’s Game” at the same time ensuring to preserve the brand values. Finally, the team was able to project the design philosophy into this fiction movie.

With the Audi as a designer, it is certain that the car will be no usual but will be designed out of finesse. The brand’s actual cars carry the same kind of appeal be it is a performance, exterior, interior and the overall look. Audi is known for giving the best to its customers worldwide, and it has been a leading brand in the automobile industry. Customers who drive Audi are happy to be the proud owner of this esteemed brand.

The contemporary design and the sleek chassis fit aesthetically in the movie. The vehicle features an aerodynamic flat top wings Lamborghini style that makes it so lucrative. The car is purely virtual hence, won’t put for driving, but who knows that in near future Audi may come out with this as a real deal. Until then why not enjoy the virtual drive through this movie.