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Southern California Monster Corolla

August 15th, 2012 Uncategorized

A 1975 Corolla is turning some heads and a lot of attention in Southern California. As far as the DMV is concerned, this is a street-legal registered for road use 1975 Toyota Corolla. But, underneath the hood of the matte black paint job is a totally different machine. The first indication is the wide flange 285 width wheels, and the supercharger head protruding above the hood.
Powered by a V8 Lexus 1uZFE engine, with an SVT Cobra Mustang GT M112 supercharger, the power runs through a Camaro T56 6-speed transmission. Other parts of the powerplant, like the air intake manifold and the headers were built from scratch specifically for this car. The car itself is not yet finished, and the owner-builder does not know what the performance figures for this machine will be.
The standard Lexus 1uZ-FE is 4 liter 32 valve quad camshaft engine, which can produce up to 256 HP. The GT M112 supercharger is not normally installed on a Lexus 1uZ-FE, and this may be the first time this was attempted. However, the mating necessitated the custom fabrication of the headers and manifolds. That this is a unique mating, there’s no way to predict what the actual power output would be, but it is expected to give at least another 20 HP boost with optimal RPM.