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Southern California Monster Corolla

August 15th, 2012 Uncategorized

With the changes in the engine, the undercarriage, suspension and differential have also been modified or swapped to accommodate the upgraded power.  The chasis has been re-fabricated for the additional engine weight, and the front and rear suspension was from a Lexus SC. Completing the undercarriage work is a Torsen differential, which came from a Supra.
The decision to use wider wheels is a no brainer, any slimmer, and the wheels would just spin on its axis without gripping the road. The larger wheels also necessitated the bigger wheel wells. This car might need more rear weight and downdraft in order to make good use of the engine.
The original 1975 Corolla 2-door sedan came with either a 1.3 liter or 1.6 liter engine. During the 1970’s 2 liter Toyota Celica Supras were being used in car rallies. Later rallyists used souped up Corollas instead of the Supras entered in the Japanese, Malaysian Highland, Australia’s Southern Cross and New Zealand rallies. With their relatively smaller bodies, Corollas were favored by custom builders for their power-to-weight ratios.
Additional work is expected before this project can finally be considered as finished. The builder has not yet started on the interiors. Thought the plan is to make this Corolla more street-friendly. As mentioned, this is a street legal vehicle as it is. However, any more modifications might take it over the edge and make it race track legal only. Mark, the owner wants to use it every so often for everyday use, besides being able to whip the competition on the track.