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Shelby Brings out Wide Body Kits for 2005-2009 Mustang

June 14th, 2013 Uncategorized

For the improvement and for the attractive looks of their car, Shelby introduces the complete information about the wide body kits available for 2005-2009 Shelby and Ford Mustang models.  Customers can buy the wide body kits from them and they can easily install it by the local mechanics.
Get to know about the car’s versions
These are frequently asked questions always asked if anyone searches for the same. Two versions of body kits are introduced by Shelby.
They are complete package and the rear only package. The complete package includes the rear quarter panels and the front quarter panels.
The rear quarter panels allows 6 inches of fender up to 13 inches rear wheels and the quarter panels allows 10 inch front wheels.
The cost of the complete package is 5,999 USD and the cost of the rear only package is 3,399 USD.
Both consist of special tools, billet fuel door, instructions for installation and all the necessary hardware.
Wheels, tires and of course installation charges are not included in the above mentioned prices.We include models of the biggest brands on the market in our catalogue, allowing the buyer to have full freedom of choice. One piece wheels are cost-effective and used for specific cars.
Even though the body kits can be installed by local shops, for the professional look and feel it has to be assembled by the professional mechanical shops.
It is recommended to choose the profession shop for the professional paint work and substantial body kits. Performance parts Vice President Jer Gervasi said that, the wide body kit has been built to OEM quality fit and finish. Those body kits were designed in terms to integrate with the Mustang body lines. Shelby said that, for this summer, they are going to release the newer 2010 – 2014 package for Ford and Shelby Mustangs, which is also most waited in the market.