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Prior Design Mercedes CLK Black Series Inspired Body Kit

March 19th, 2013 Uncategorized

A body kit for a car is the collection of some external modifications that can be added to the car to change its appearance. The front and rear bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, fenders and a lot more can be modified to make the car look different to other cars and make it unique. The use of body kits has increased over the past few years and now we have a lot of vehicle customization body shops that are opening up to meet the demand. Prior Design is a leading brand in body kits and they have launched a new body kit for the Mercedes CLK(W209) which will make it look like the CLK 63 AMG Series.
Prior Design Mercedes Clk Pad Black Edition
The body kit is made up of Dura Flex Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), a material that is flexible with high stability and can reduce printing costs.
The body kit can be fitted onto all Mercedes CLK W209 models
The cost of the body kit is €4,999 and this does not include painting or installation
If required, Prior Design will help you in painting and in installation, but charges for the same will have to be paid.
There are no modifications or alterations to the chassis or the body that will have to be done to fit the body kit and only the external appearance of the car is altered.
Contents Of The Prior Design Mercedes CLK PD Black Edition Body Kit

The body kit has the following in the package
Black edition front bumper

Black edition rear bumper with a diffuser

Black edition front fenders

Black edition side skirts

Black edition front bonnet or engine cover

Black edition rear widening

Black edition rears trunk spoiler

Mounting materials