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Have a Glance at How Monster Tajima Conquers the Roads

July 11th, 2013 Uncategorized

Off roads cars have always been famous among the people who like adventure and thrill.  One of the cars that have been able to boost the adrenaline flow in the body of the people is the Nobuhiro Monster Tajima. It has been able to finish the Pikes Peak International Hill climb. It is the first of its type that has been able to achieve this feat. No other car of the electric class has been able to do this in the past. Thus it has set a new record among the cars that belong to its division.

The event took place on June 30. The race started in the morning. The weather was calm with a blue sky above. But with time the weather degraded and it became even worse with the rains coming down heavily. The track got wet just before the race of the electric vehicle division was about to start.

What made the race special?

Due to the poor weather the teams had to bring about changes in the tires of their vehicles. The non grooved tires that assisted in racing were replaced with the ones that had grooves in them. This was done to avoid skidding as the track became wet due to the heavy downpour.
The drivers who had to race in the electric division took great risks by driving in the wet conditions. It is really a very difficult one as the visibility became limited. Most of the troubles were faced when the cars approached the higher sections of the route.
Though the conditions were adverse the drivers of Mitsubishi were able to break the record that was set by the second place car in the previous year.

Tajima used special tires that had hand cut grooves. This was a great work done by the tire engineers and ensured the success of the vehicle in the race.