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Do Not Kid Around by Trying to Convert a Mercedes Into a Bugatti Veyron

July 10th, 2013 Uncategorized

The Bugatti and the Mercedes are two very different car makers. Bugatti specialize in sport and speed cars while Mercedes being all about business is a veteran maker of sedans and other business class cars. The Bugatti also holds a special position of having built the fastest commercial car till date. That car is the Bugatti Veyron.
Rare Luxury Car – Bugatti
The sheer rarity of it makes this car an asset wanted by many but affordable by few and in possession of even fewer. Not even one Veyron is up for sale right now. This has led to the people obsessed with this car to take weird measures.
One such patron of the car had his old 4-door Mercedes sedan converted to look like the Veyron. This he did by getting the Merc fitted with a body kit.
Real Bugatti’s are in every sense too costly, almost all selling for around over 2 million dollars.
Add to this the fact that most Bugattis are already bought by someone makes getting your hands on a Bugatti a bit difficult.
So, it is natural for people to look for alternatives. Two of them are buying the Bugatti at an auction or in this failed case creating your own by adding parts to it from the outside(known as a ‘body kit’).
To say that this was a disastrous idea would be an understatement. The body kit did not in any manner represent Bugatti.
Thus, it is clear that this car isn’t for most people. Infact it ruined the image of a good, old-fashioned Mercedes. Even looking at the car was not easy as it looked like an abomination.
The Veyron is capable of speeds over 300 kmph. The fastest commercial car on the earth is also very costly and rare. There have been only 30 such cars which have been made by Bugatti. The price too is a mind boggling 2.4 million dollars.