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Prior Design Mercedes CLK Black Series Inspired Body Kit

June 25th, 2013 Uncategorized

Cars have become one of the most abundant vehicles on road these days.  There are many car producing companies around the world. Most of the companies are trying their best to compete with each other. One thing that is very sure these days is that the companies cannot hold the market by reducing their price. So the companies have to enhance the features of their cars so that they can lure the customers to buy their cars. One of the most important features that the customers look at is the exterior looks of the car. This is the part of the car that is visible to the people.

Looks Dazzling!

Cars from Mercedes have the ability to make the people stare at it. The CLK Black series by Mercedes have become very popular among the people for its look. Inspired by the look of the car body kits have come out in the market. The cost of the kit has been kept well within the reach of the buyers.

Some of the exciting inclusions of the kit are as below:

Side skirts
Rear widening
Rear bumper in which a diffuser has been also included Front fenders
Rears trunk spoiler

All these inclusions are a part of the black edition. Mounting materials have been also included in this special kit. Thus great care must be taken to ensure that the car looks great. One of the companies that have been able to make a place in the heart of the car lovers by manufacturing vehicles that look great is Mercedes.