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Ender’s Game Film will Have Audi Model

November 26th, 2013 Uncategorized

Audi is known to all. Its car concepts and design has become so popular, that people wait for its new release every year. However, the good news is for the movie and the car lovers, the new science-fiction movie Ender’s Game is expected to release soon, in which the actors like Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford would be working. The story theme is all about the tech word, in which Audi is looking forward to enter this film.
More about the Movie
The movie is all about the computer generate effects which have been put here to bring the life in it. It has requested the Audi motors o soon launch the amazing designed for the future car. For simply the designing concept, the motors have been given $17.2-million investment. It is a huge investment in the movie for which so many expectations are there. The movie is based on the science fiction or the novel which hopes justifies the story.
Why Audi?
Audi is the Germans automobile manufacturer. It consist the team of:
Distributors and manufacturer
The team is simply experienced and amazing and has been producing the nine production facilities all over the world.
The decision about Audi
Looking at the amazing movie story, the motives have finally agrees to design the car with the help of Bjorn wehrli who with his wide years of experience will surprise the viewer to see the car simpler like the road car of the century.
To know more about the car deigns and its concept, you can certainly look for the video about it. In the video, you will get to know about how the car was designed and how it would look in the real world. This would certainly attack so many movie lovers and car lovers to watch the movie.