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The Deltawing Likeness for ZEOD RC Over Nissan

September 26th, 2013 Uncategorized

There are many real life situations where imitation can be seen. But when it comes to racing the imitation of the various car models is strictly prohibited. Even the shape of the car can help a company gain some advantage over the other.  Thus to sustain in the market the companies must not copy the models of another existing car. But this has happened in the reality.

The most striking facts

There are many car experts who think that the similar design of both the cars won’t be a shock to the people. This is because the design of both the cars has been conceptualized by Ben Bowlby.
Both the cars will be arriving in the market almost at the same time. But the branding power of Nissan can put some amount of break in the efforts of DeltaWing.
When the questions about similar deign are being asked to Nissan they are simply ignoring the question. Thus the concerned people have to wait till the legal decision makers are able to come to a conclusion.
The DeltaWing team has stated with confidence that they have received their recent patent last week. This has led to taking the legal actions.
The ZEOD RC resembles the DeltaWing from various angles. There is resemblance in both the front and rear portion of the car. Even the headlights of the car have been mounted over the arches of the rear wheel.

The Nissan ZEOD RC and Deltawing resemble each other. If we have a close look at the pictures of both the cars it will be hard to find any distinction between them. The main person behind the Deltawing project, Dr. Pnaoz has build an investigation team to find out whether there has been a violation of the patent rights.