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De Tomaso Sports Car- The Beast Is Back

September 16th, 2013 Uncategorized

It started with the small start with an auto-maker with the Magusta; De Tomaso went on to become an ambitious project. It is a mid-engine supercar designed for the global market. The automobile is built by unheard Italian specialists named – De Tomoaso Pantera. The car was revealed in an Auto show at New York, the car originated simply as a Mangusta’s replacement.1

Successor of De Tomaso Mangusta
De Tomaso Pantera is a popular Italian car company and the GT5 is the best model. The Pantera GT5, successor of the De Tomaso Mangusta is a mid-engine 2 door super sports cars that was first introduced in 1971 year. The car ruled the market consequently for 2 decades before it came with a maker over in the year 1991.

Later on model was an exclusive vehicle and was designed only on request. The latest GT 5 was delivered in 1992 year which was designed by an American automobile designer named Tom Tjaarda.

The car is entirely designed out of steel chassis. It has a monocoque style, available in racing blue, set red, metallic silver, jet black and white colors. The beast has got a mean front grille with retractable head lamp. The hood has got a good air cavity to keep the engine cool. There are sleek lines designed for the car that begins from the front of the car that moves along with the sides to its rear ends. Overall the automobile gives a tough look.

The interior of De Tomasa is like any 2 seat sports car finished out of wood furnishings. It has a beige dashboard, leather seats, and an aluminum steering bar. The car is equipped with the latest safety amenities.

Unlike other 70’s car, this vehicle had a happy ending in the global markets as the car was recertified in the year 1981. Now that you have invested in a 300’s horsepower, De Tomaso Pantera is sure to give you a pleasurable driving experience.