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Custom Body Kits

February 17th, 2012 Uncategorized

Custom body kits are those special car accessories which are usually designed and manufactured specifically for your ride. Those unique pieces not only enhance exterior and performance of you vehicle but also make it much more expensive. Before diving into the mysterious body kit market, there are few basic points that are essential and should be kept in mind in order to choose the most suitable body kit for you vehicle both aerodynamically and aesthetically.

An average body kit includes the following car parts: front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers. Other body kits can be purchased to add and modify other parts of the car. The body kit doesn’t only add a cool and original new look to your car, it also makes your ride more aerodynamic and commit really great things for its performance.

To begin with, everybody should get to know the whole process of purchasing a body kit. Make up a mental list of what everything you need to do. The first and the most significant thing is to clearly realize what type of a body kit you are searching for. To apply a body kit you don’t need to be a racer. Just listen to your heart and be sure of yourself.

Present day market offers several types of custom body kit sets depending on the materials that are urethane, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Now the next step is to know all benefits offered by every type and decide which one suits better your requirements.

Body kits of fiberglass are the most preferred due to the light weight and easy to repair properties. In other words if you take part in an accident or just damage another car and your ride will be spoilt then a fiberglass body kit will help to solve that problem. The most pleasant thing about this type of body kits is that it can be easily fixed anywhere and there is no need to look for a specialized wok shop to complete the job. From the other hand, paint looks perfect on fiberglass and does not get absorbed by the surface. Alas fiberglass body kits have disadvantages when applying them. These accessories are not long lasting and by chance your body kit may end up getting beyond refurbish as well especially if you live in an area which has lot of dust and dirt.

Urethane body kits are enormously flexible and robust and are available on the market as well. There are few chances of these car parts getting cracked. In spite you may not buy that body kits in every store, you may need to place an online order for them. Please also note that urethane body kits are non-amendable. That means if there is even a small chip or crack, it won’t be fixed making urethane body kits not so cost effective.

The last but not the worst ones are carbon fiber ultra light and ultra durable ground effect packages. The paint job and finish is also good on carbon fiber surface but the only negative point is that they are too expensive and can’t be easily repaired once broken.

Once you are aware of all the varieties of automotive body kits, indeed it would be much easier to choose the right one for you that not only is aesthetically pleasing but is durable to protect your car as well. One thing to realize and remember is that many car experts suggest that you not buy a body kit if its installation process requires you to remove any factory-installed parts of your car to make the body kit fit. But in the end, you are the ultimate decision maker when you decide to purchase body kits online and furnish a new hot look for your car.