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Classic Cars Of Ferrarri: Making News In The Past Up To The Present

August 2nd, 2012 Uncategorized

The following are some of the models that have made a big blast in the global car industry:
Ferrarri F620 – this is the successor of the world-renowned Ferrarri 599. This car is expected to come up with similar V 12 engine which was also used in the Ferrarri model, the all-wheel drive FF.

Ferrarri GTO 250 – in a recent report, an auction sale for a 1963 Ferrarri GTO 250 has ended up with a staggering selling price of 20.2 million pounds which is equivalent to 32 million dollars. The truth is that this kind of Ferrarri model is touted as the most sought after cars offered by Ferrarri.

The fact is that there were only 39 units that were made from ’62 to ’64 and the GTO 250 that was sold for millions of pounds was sold by an Englishman to an unknown person from Spain.
Ferrarri California 2013 – the company that comes with a prancing horse logo in its cars has announced that the successor or replacement for the California model is going to be unveiled in the 2013 IGMS in Geneva, Switzerland. The Italian company declared that the new California Ferrarri is expected to be more powerful, features a new package for “handling special”, and is much lighter.