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8 Things to Consider Before Buying Body Kits

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Body kits are designed to make your car look more stylish and are frequently installed on sports cars. They are extremely popular, and any driver can choose from a variety of kits, easily available for sale both in on-site shops and Internet stores. To see the collection, take a look at this page: A variety of shapes and materials available on the market can meet the needs of any driver, even the pickiest one. However, such an abundance can also be a little confusing. So, to narrow down your options, consider 4 main types of kits and 4 common materials used for their production.

Body kits types

Full car

The name basically speaks for itself. This kit has bumpers (both front and rear), side skirts (right and left), and a hood. It is the perfect choice for those drivers who want to fully equip their vehicles. Also, if you are thinking of adding all of the mentioned components to your car, it is advisable that you buy them all at once – this way, you will be able to save quite a lot of money. That’s a major benefit of a full car kit.

Ground Effects

A very popular kit, also referred to as a lip kit. It consists of two bumpers (front and rear) that are attached to the factory bumpers with special bolts. It is easy to install and remove such kits so if you will not enjoy the look of your car, you will have no problem fixing the issue.

Bumper replacement

Unlike ground effects kits, bolted to your actual bumpers, bumper replacement kits presuppose the removal of your original bumpers. That is why you should not try to do it yourself and should better get in touch with a professional mechanic.

body kits


Perhaps, the fullest kit of all. Apart from bumpers, side skirts and a hood, such kit has fender replacement components. As a result, your car gets wider – and that’s where the name comes from. A kit like this will look particularly stylish with wide custom wheels.

Body kits materials


ABS is a solid and durable plastic that is commonly used in the manufacture of original automotive equipment. Among its benefits one should mention affordable price, heat resistance and ability to match the color of your car. However, this material is rather heavy and will add weight to your vehicle.


Polyurethane is another example of heavy material, which is not exactly ‘perfect’ for maneuverability. However, unlike ABS plastic, polyurethane is milder, more flexible and can be easily installed with no danger of accidental cracking, which is a very important advantage. It is also highly durable and, thus, a little bit more expensive in comparison to ABS.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber kits are perfect for those drivers who strive to reduce the weight of their vehicle. It is the perfect choice for sports or racing cars, as the reduced weight increases braking, acceleration, and speed vehicle characteristics of the vehicle. With a carbon fiber kit, you will hardly notice any additional weight. The material is fantastically strong and durable. Plus, it looks very stylish. Yet, such kits are more expensive than their plastic and polyurethane counterparts.


Perhaps, the perfect combination of quality and price. Such kits are not only light and durable, but also inexpensive to produce, which explains their highly affordable cost. That is why these kits are so popular and widespread – any store or dealer will be able to offer you an impressive selection. This is indeed the perfect option for drivers who want to get maximum quality and style for a reasonable price.
All in all, that’s all there is to it – 4 basic shapes and 4 basic materials to choose from. Hopefully, this information will be enough to get your head around the whole kit thing. And, if you have any other questions concerning body kits, you can always get in touch with our professional consultants at We will be happy to help you on any issue and answer any questions related to our assortment of kits from trusted manufacturers such as Xenon, RKSport, 3d Carbon, Razzi, ARK Performance, Street Scene, and many others.

Nissan Leaf Aero Style Gets New Body Kit in Japan

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Nissan Leaf Aero Style has already received tremendous popularity. According to the automakers, “it offers 100% electric vehicle performance in the latest design and sport look.” You would love the incredible exterior of the car. In fact, people call it a Nissan leaf with an irresistibly beautiful body kit and two-tone wheels. Moreover, do not expect the old conceptual version of Nissan that was showed off at the Tokyo Motor show in the year 2011.
We are just sharing our upfront opinion about Nissan Leaf Aero Style, but it does not mean that it is bad. Instead, we can tell, it is best in class and built to deliver unbeatable performance. It combines the same 107 horsepower, 180 pound-feet of torque and 24-kWh battery pack, which is commonly found in every other new leaf. It delivers an official range of 75 miles and top speed of 90 miles per hour.
The Nissan Leaf Aero Style will be available for sale in December, 2013 in Japan, and it is still not clear that when it will make its way to the United States. Again, there is no official news about whether the Aero Style means this car has more aerodynamics than a standard leaf, which is one of the slipperier cars on the market. In case, you want to get comprehensive detail about Nissan’s presence in Tokyo, Scroll down below. And, if you want to see the new body kit and wheels, you can go through our high-resolution image gallery.

1951 Studebaker is Back in Action with More Features

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At the SEMA show, the appearance of the 1951 Studebraker was certainly the shocking one. It was not expected that the car would come up with a style of Woody image. Hill’s Rod & Custom modified certain changes in their creation for which they hired the expert who could match up to the challenge and ensure that the designs of the old car don’t get spoiled but looks more elegant at the show. Looking at its popularity, it seems that the design was a huge hit.
About the car
Studebaker was one of its kinds during 195. This car lived quite a long for say 3 years in the market and become popular for its unique styling and designed with the carried-over bodies. Though this car came and was modified lot many times. But it seems that during the time of 1950-51, the styling consultant Raymond Loewy decided to bring a new concept and make it more popular. Other than this, the car of the year 1947-49 also earned a good success.
Features that you can take a look at
Intriguing induction system
390-cubic-inch Ford Edsel V8
Custom chassis
Fuel efficient
Smooth wheels
Easy to drive
The car was more popular at the time of World War 2 however, it gained more popularity as the changes were intruded and new technologies were added on it. At the SEMA show, with so many competitors one of the customers could mange to get this car for himself at worth the value. He was quite happy to grab this car as an opportunity to enjoy driving in this concept with so many great features.
Still not convinced with this concept, then you can certainly take a look at the video and the gallery which was released in the press little time back. Certainly, it will keep your mouth wide open and you would be amazed to see thus ultra-customized yet rare creation.

Ender’s Game Film will Have Audi Model

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Audi is known to all. Its car concepts and design has become so popular, that people wait for its new release every year. However, the good news is for the movie and the car lovers, the new science-fiction movie Ender’s Game is expected to release soon, in which the actors like Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford would be working. The story theme is all about the tech word, in which Audi is looking forward to enter this film.
More about the Movie
The movie is all about the computer generate effects which have been put here to bring the life in it. It has requested the Audi motors o soon launch the amazing designed for the future car. For simply the designing concept, the motors have been given $17.2-million investment. It is a huge investment in the movie for which so many expectations are there. The movie is based on the science fiction or the novel which hopes justifies the story.
Why Audi?
Audi is the Germans automobile manufacturer. It consist the team of:
Distributors and manufacturer
The team is simply experienced and amazing and has been producing the nine production facilities all over the world.
The decision about Audi
Looking at the amazing movie story, the motives have finally agrees to design the car with the help of Bjorn wehrli who with his wide years of experience will surprise the viewer to see the car simpler like the road car of the century.
To know more about the car deigns and its concept, you can certainly look for the video about it. In the video, you will get to know about how the car was designed and how it would look in the real world. This would certainly attack so many movie lovers and car lovers to watch the movie.

Porche 911- The Dream Car Made Real

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Porche is amongst the front runners in the automobile industry. The striking Porche 911 car can be called a feature loaded car with superb performance. The special designing kit is also available for Porche 911 that will offer this car an instant face lift. The 4 seater car is offered with ample choice of exterior shades and also has considerable options for the interior lining.
The coupe car is appreciated for its performance and looks that are well complemented by safety and comfort.
Porche 911 – the inside story
Porche 911 has 3.4 L – 6 cylinder engine that offers 7 speed manual transmission system. The powerful engine is known to offer the torque of 287 ft-lbs @ 5600 rpm along with the horse power of 350 hp @ 7400 rpm. The car comes with high-end suspension system that comprises of multi-link suspension for rear wheel, while on the front side it has modified version of MacPherson strut suspension. The stabilizer bar is also offered on the front as well as rear of the vehicle.
Classy Interiors with full comfort
The leather interiors of the car are very classy and comfortable. The 4 way power front seats are offer with the height adjustable features. The heated mirrors and power door locks are amongst the standard features. Another features included in this car to add to the customer comfort are dual zone climate control, extended heating for cabin, dual side illuminating vanity mirrors and other such features.
Add more to it
The proud owners of Porche 911 can add an extra edge to their car by opting for the design kit. This body styling kit offers a new looks to the exteriors of the car and also offers it a unique look.
The car lovers can expect even more for this stunning car in the near future in the form of styling and features.

The Deltawing Likeness for ZEOD RC Over Nissan

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There are many real life situations where imitation can be seen. But when it comes to racing the imitation of the various car models is strictly prohibited. Even the shape of the car can help a company gain some advantage over the other.  Thus to sustain in the market the companies must not copy the models of another existing car. But this has happened in the reality.

The most striking facts

There are many car experts who think that the similar design of both the cars won’t be a shock to the people. This is because the design of both the cars has been conceptualized by Ben Bowlby.
Both the cars will be arriving in the market almost at the same time. But the branding power of Nissan can put some amount of break in the efforts of DeltaWing.
When the questions about similar deign are being asked to Nissan they are simply ignoring the question. Thus the concerned people have to wait till the legal decision makers are able to come to a conclusion.
The DeltaWing team has stated with confidence that they have received their recent patent last week. This has led to taking the legal actions.
The ZEOD RC resembles the DeltaWing from various angles. There is resemblance in both the front and rear portion of the car. Even the headlights of the car have been mounted over the arches of the rear wheel.

The Nissan ZEOD RC and Deltawing resemble each other. If we have a close look at the pictures of both the cars it will be hard to find any distinction between them. The main person behind the Deltawing project, Dr. Pnaoz has build an investigation team to find out whether there has been a violation of the patent rights.

De Tomaso Sports Car- The Beast Is Back

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It started with the small start with an auto-maker with the Magusta; De Tomaso went on to become an ambitious project. It is a mid-engine supercar designed for the global market. The automobile is built by unheard Italian specialists named – De Tomoaso Pantera. The car was revealed in an Auto show at New York, the car originated simply as a Mangusta’s replacement.1

Successor of De Tomaso Mangusta
De Tomaso Pantera is a popular Italian car company and the GT5 is the best model. The Pantera GT5, successor of the De Tomaso Mangusta is a mid-engine 2 door super sports cars that was first introduced in 1971 year. The car ruled the market consequently for 2 decades before it came with a maker over in the year 1991.

Later on model was an exclusive vehicle and was designed only on request. The latest GT 5 was delivered in 1992 year which was designed by an American automobile designer named Tom Tjaarda.

The car is entirely designed out of steel chassis. It has a monocoque style, available in racing blue, set red, metallic silver, jet black and white colors. The beast has got a mean front grille with retractable head lamp. The hood has got a good air cavity to keep the engine cool. There are sleek lines designed for the car that begins from the front of the car that moves along with the sides to its rear ends. Overall the automobile gives a tough look.

The interior of De Tomasa is like any 2 seat sports car finished out of wood furnishings. It has a beige dashboard, leather seats, and an aluminum steering bar. The car is equipped with the latest safety amenities.

Unlike other 70’s car, this vehicle had a happy ending in the global markets as the car was recertified in the year 1981. Now that you have invested in a 300’s horsepower, De Tomaso Pantera is sure to give you a pleasurable driving experience.

The Futuristic Car by Audi for Ender’s Game

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Until now you might have seen hundreds of sci-fiction movies wherein the cars are the ultimate gadget to look. The recent eye-candy is the sleek car designed by Audi for the “Ender’s Game” movie. This super futuristic car that briefly appears in the trailer comes as a compliment from Audi, calling it the “Fleet Shuttle Quattro”.

Audi professionals specifically designed this purely virtual car to suit the look of the movie. It is for the first time that a German company has done it. The car portrays the vehicle as the vision of the future world.

The Audi design team said that designing a customized car suiting as per the requisites of the movie was indeed a task. The design team adapted the requirements of the “Ender’s Game” at the same time ensuring to preserve the brand values. Finally, the team was able to project the design philosophy into this fiction movie.

With the Audi as a designer, it is certain that the car will be no usual but will be designed out of finesse. The brand’s actual cars carry the same kind of appeal be it is a performance, exterior, interior and the overall look. Audi is known for giving the best to its customers worldwide, and it has been a leading brand in the automobile industry. Customers who drive Audi are happy to be the proud owner of this esteemed brand.

The contemporary design and the sleek chassis fit aesthetically in the movie. The vehicle features an aerodynamic flat top wings Lamborghini style that makes it so lucrative. The car is purely virtual hence, won’t put for driving, but who knows that in near future Audi may come out with this as a real deal. Until then why not enjoy the virtual drive through this movie.

You Have to no Longer to Get the Nano Body Kits

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When you have a look at the international car market you will come across many big names. Most of them think about the luxury and comfort of the people at the time of designing the cars. Cars have come out to meet the needs of people who are leading different spheres of life.  One of the companies that have been able to launch cars to meet the needs of the people with limited income is Tata Motors. This is a famous company that is based in India and also has their presence in some other countries of Asia.

Whats there in the customization kit for Nano?

The young people who are living in the urban area have been always in search of something stylish. This is not an exception when it comes to vehicles. The quest of the people increases more when they are thinking of giving a new look to their car. Tata has given the opportunity to its customers to provide a great look to the Nanos that they are possessing. For this the company has come up four new kits that can be used for the customization of the car. This will help in giving an appealing look to the car.

The kits are known by the names Peach, Jet, Alpha and Remix.
They can be well used with the cars that are already running on the roads.
They are available in the LX and CX trims.

The car made a remarkable contribution to the auto market of the country by launching the first ever small family vehicle Nano. The dreams of the people who are unable to buy expensive cars have come true. Recently the company has launched the first body kit for Nano in the market. This will help a lot in enhancing the look of this small yet popular vehicle on the Indian roads.

You are Sure to Mistake this Chrysler as Some other Vehicle

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These days the car manufacturing companies are experimenting a lot with the models. A latest trend among the car owners have shown that they are looking for cars with some unique features. In most of the cases it has been observed that the people are leaning towards the convertibles. This is due to the reason that the people can use one car to showcase style and at the same time take the taste of adventure.

There are many people who had seen that car and got the shock of their life. When you look at the pictures you might even try to rub your eyes. There might come a feeling in your mind that you are just seeing a nightmare. Pinch yourself and you will find out that you are not day dreaming. After having a look at the car if you are willing to buy it then you should consider yourself lucky. You can buy the car from Orange Country by paying a modest sum of 15,000 USD.

Details of the amazing car:

The Chrysler can be customized as per the wish of the owner. It is of the Bentley style.
The main content of the custom kit are 28 inch Giovanni Rims. The tires are of the lexani type.
Swade interior has been incorporated in the car to give it a luxury look.
I pad connection and 50 inch projector screen has added to the functionality of the car.

These cars are beautiful and the same time has the ability to start the adrenaline rush in the blood vessels of the people. One such car that has been able to leave an impression in the mind of the people is the Chrysler. Can’t believe what are you reading? Yes, it’s the Chrysler Sebring that has gone all the changes. You will find yourself wild at the road.