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Body Kits Change the Look of a Car

March 13th, 2013 Uncategorized

Those who love cars find car body kits from wonderful accessories and handy replacement kits for their beloved car.  These kits help one to change and customize the look of one’s car. One can make their car look the way they want and not the same as other cars of similar make on the road. While car body kits are nothing new, there have been advances in technology that have introduced many varied materials and accessories for the auto body kits. Nowadays the materials provided in car body kits are made of fiberglass as well as carbon fiber and polyurethane. The choice of the materials is restricted by the car owner’s choice and budget.
Fiberglass body kits
One of the most common car body kit materials is the fiberglass. It has the following characteristics:
Car body kits made of fiberglass has been around for decades
It caters to the needs of car enthusiasts who is to customize the looks of their car
Such body kits are easily available
They are cheaper than those made of other materials like carbon fiber
These are made of strands of glass fibers
They are used to reinforce the polymer products by making them composite and hard
As compared to metal or glass these are more durable
The main disadvantage of fiberglass is that they cannot be bent once set
Advantages and limitations of polyurethane
When car body kits of polyurethane are chosen the following characteristics surface:
The car body kits made of such material are very strong
They are more flexible and durable than normal fiberglass
It is corrosion resistant
It being chemically inert it does not get corroded easily or lose color and get damaged through exposure
Carbon fiber body kits
Carbon fiber material used in car body kits have the following characteristics:
It is the most expensive material to purchase
It is a new material that is used to make bodies of airplanes
It is one of the new age substances that is toughest and lightest
Body kit for Mercedes SL Class
Among the latest news in the arena of car body kits, those who own Mercedes SL Class can avail of a car body kit that is known as the Renown. It makes the car ten inches wider and offers other attractive features. Renown is a tuning company that has unveiled a new package for the R230. The kit comes with a front bumper and hood. There are front fenders and side kits as well as rear quarter panels, wheel well liners, rear bumpers with diffusers and trunk spats. The body parts have been manufactured with an FRP cloth. It is made with an epoxy resin system that emulates the aerospace fabrication process. There are also choices of wheels included in the kit. An optional upgrade includes fitting a carbon fiver light bar along the front lip and the side skirt vents, the diffuser and rear wings. Nowadays car accessories companies are wooing customers with body kits to enhance the looks of their favorite car.