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1951 Studebaker is Back in Action with More Features

December 13th, 2013 Uncategorized

At the SEMA show, the appearance of the 1951 Studebraker was certainly the shocking one. It was not expected that the car would come up with a style of Woody image. Hill’s Rod & Custom modified certain changes in their creation for which they hired the expert who could match up to the challenge and ensure that the designs of the old car don’t get spoiled but looks more elegant at the show. Looking at its popularity, it seems that the design was a huge hit.
About the car
Studebaker was one of its kinds during 195. This car lived quite a long for say 3 years in the market and become popular for its unique styling and designed with the carried-over bodies. Though this car came and was modified lot many times. But it seems that during the time of 1950-51, the styling consultant Raymond Loewy decided to bring a new concept and make it more popular. Other than this, the car of the year 1947-49 also earned a good success.
Features that you can take a look at
Intriguing induction system
390-cubic-inch Ford Edsel V8
Custom chassis
Fuel efficient
Smooth wheels
Easy to drive
The car was more popular at the time of World War 2 however, it gained more popularity as the changes were intruded and new technologies were added on it. At the SEMA show, with so many competitors one of the customers could mange to get this car for himself at worth the value. He was quite happy to grab this car as an opportunity to enjoy driving in this concept with so many great features.
Still not convinced with this concept, then you can certainly take a look at the video and the gallery which was released in the press little time back. Certainly, it will keep your mouth wide open and you would be amazed to see thus ultra-customized yet rare creation.