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8 Things to Consider Before Buying Body Kits

November 26th, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

Body kits are designed to make your car look more stylish and are frequently installed on sports cars. They are extremely popular, and any driver can choose from a variety of kits, easily available for sale both in on-site shops and Internet stores. To see the collection, take a look at this page: A […]

Nissan Leaf Aero Style Gets New Body Kit in Japan

January 10th, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

Nissan Leaf Aero Style has already received tremendous popularity. According to the automakers, “it offers 100% electric vehicle performance in the latest design and sport look.” You would love the incredible exterior of the car. In fact, people call it a Nissan leaf with an irresistibly beautiful body kit and two-tone wheels. Moreover, do not […]

1951 Studebaker is Back in Action with More Features

December 13th, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

At the SEMA show, the appearance of the 1951 Studebraker was certainly the shocking one. It was not expected that the car would come up with a style of Woody image. Hill’s Rod & Custom modified certain changes in their creation for which they hired the expert who could match up to the challenge and […]

Ender’s Game Film will Have Audi Model

November 26th, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

Audi is known to all. Its car concepts and design has become so popular, that people wait for its new release every year. However, the good news is for the movie and the car lovers, the new science-fiction movie Ender’s Game is expected to release soon, in which the actors like Ben Kingsley and Harrison […]

Porche 911- The Dream Car Made Real

October 25th, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

Porche is amongst the front runners in the automobile industry. The striking Porche 911 car can be called a feature loaded car with superb performance. The special designing kit is also available for Porche 911 that will offer this car an instant face lift. The 4 seater car is offered with ample choice of exterior […]

The Deltawing Likeness for ZEOD RC Over Nissan

September 26th, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

There are many real life situations where imitation can be seen. But when it comes to racing the imitation of the various car models is strictly prohibited. Even the shape of the car can help a company gain some advantage over the other.  Thus to sustain in the market the companies must not copy the […]

De Tomaso Sports Car- The Beast Is Back

September 16th, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

It started with the small start with an auto-maker with the Magusta; De Tomaso went on to become an ambitious project. It is a mid-engine supercar designed for the global market. The automobile is built by unheard Italian specialists named – De Tomoaso Pantera. The car was revealed in an Auto show at New York, […]

The Futuristic Car by Audi for Ender’s Game

August 30th, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

Until now you might have seen hundreds of sci-fiction movies wherein the cars are the ultimate gadget to look. The recent eye-candy is the sleek car designed by Audi for the “Ender’s Game” movie. This super futuristic car that briefly appears in the trailer comes as a compliment from Audi, calling it the “Fleet Shuttle […]

You Have to no Longer to Get the Nano Body Kits

August 21st, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

When you have a look at the international car market you will come across many big names. Most of them think about the luxury and comfort of the people at the time of designing the cars. Cars have come out to meet the needs of people who are leading different spheres of life.  One of […]

You are Sure to Mistake this Chrysler as Some other Vehicle

July 23rd, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

These days the car manufacturing companies are experimenting a lot with the models. A latest trend among the car owners have shown that they are looking for cars with some unique features. In most of the cases it has been observed that the people are leaning towards the convertibles. This is due to the reason […]